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Designing Narrative Environments

Posted by Rosie on Wed Jan 09, 2013 17:38pm

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The course’s focus is to develop meaningful narratives for both the cultural and commercial sectors, but the output was unbelievably varied in range and objectives.  One piece encouraged the interaction of strangers via narrative, whilst another, had the lovely idea of alleviating the negative feelings associated with a visit to the hospital.  We were naturally drawn to the projects which we could really see enhancing the narrative of an event, a brand message and a visitor’s experience.

Our favourites included a student who had developed a roll of ribbon with directions, instructions and narrative printed along certain sections.  As you unrolled the tape, you were directed to fold the ribbon in certain angles and directions to reveal more of the narrative.  Whilst we assumed that this was a playful and innovative way of mapping or signposting, she demonstrated other uses such as the creation of a game template e.g. hopscotch, a pattern e.g. a chalk outline to a murder scene, or perhaps a number of outcomes to a story.   It certainly took us back to childhood and instigated some friendly competition to reveal our narrative the fastest. 

Another explored how music is consumed.  Visitors were invited to stick their head in a cylindrical device that generated light and had images mounted along the inside.  It would be for each artist to design the display within each device to best represent their music.  We did question whether this was too prescriptive though, given that music is so open to personal interpretation - the student explained that they felt it was a remedy to an abundance of choice in our world of consumerism. 

The great thing about this showcase is it did open up each idea for debate and both parties left with lots of food for thought… we look forward to seeing the final project. Find out more about the course here.

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