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A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Posted by on Thu Jan 31, 2013 14:17pm

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Very Old Man.JPG
Finding entertainment that appeals to a six year old, a thirty-six year old and a sixty year old is no mean feat. I'm pretty sure that on arrival at Battersea Arts Centre the six year old was wondering how anything could possibly compare to Spiderman in 3D and the thirty-six year old was praying that there would be a bar.  Unless you have been lucky enough to see any previous Little Angel Theatre productions, 'puppets' may have you thinking innuendo-fuelled-sand-in-your-pants Punch & Judy but this is astonishing puppetry for a whole new generation, or more to the point, for all generations.  
The production is quite simply magical; the magic of how the four puppeteers seemingly clone themselves to create the myriad of action stage wide, the magic of the script that has children laughing as heartily as their accompanying adults, the magic of the glowing stage transformed into the down and then up and then down on its luck seaside village.
The puppets themselves are breathtaking, especially the Very Old Man of the title.  Despite its simple tale this is a very clever production with great attention to the smallest of human (and animal) details.  The world of make-believe is routed in palpable emotion, and while there is a moral to the story this comes second to the mirth-making and humour of the piece.
The next Little Angel Theatre production is Dogs Don't Do Ballet – try keeping the six year old, the thirty-six year old and the sixty year old away.
A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is currently touring the UK and will be back on show in London at the end of February.

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