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Opera di Peroni

Posted by on Mon Mar 18, 2013 17:11pm

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The branding may be heavy-handed, but the promise of free beer and canapés at Opera di Peroni is one way to encourage the opera-curious members of the Rouge team to give it a go. And not just us - we could barely see the first two acts through the crowd at this overpacked immersive staging of La Rondine at Shoreditch’s Factory 7. Yet in the final scene of this lesser-known but cannily-chosen Puccini opera (it includes a bar scene with patrons clamouring for more beer - and yes I did check it was ‘birra’ in the original libretto!) the action finally headed our way. And at last, perched practically on the end of the heroine’s bed, we were up close and personal with opera singers in full voice in a way that even the regular opera-goers amongst us admitted was more moving than many a trip to Covent Garden. A little less branding and a lot fewer people and they might have got us hooked.

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