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Getting amongst it

Posted by Rosie on Mon May 13, 2013 17:22pm

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We all grimace a little as the conversation turns to ‘immersive’ for the ninth time today. This reaction is becoming more common as the ‘I word’ gets bandied around in relation to everything from event design to theatre to ordering coffee. When it is good it is very very good and when it is bad it is horrid. I am the first to admit I am immersive-resistant, preferring to enjoy my entertainment from a measured introspective distance and so despite hearing rave reviews this is perhaps why I went into last night’s Secret Cinema with more than a little trepidation.

Total convert. It was a seriously enjoyable night out. Once I got over the initial sheer panic of being separated from my friends with the prospect of having to improvise my way out I had a lot of fun. I quickly worked out that the more you put into the experience the more fun it was, to the point where if you stop for a moment you might suddenly become aware that lying on the floor spooning a complete stranger might be a little embarrassing - much better to keep the game going. As it turns out we didn’t even watch the movie, instead spent four hours running around a fantastic adults’ playground. There was so much to explore and the actors were eccentric and comedic without being intimidating or alienating. There was no pressure to participate but you were rewarded for doing so. This is definitely a gratifying experience even for the immersive-weary out there.

No spoilers, check it out for yourself. Tickets are available here.


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