What we do

Virtual & Hybrid

Through our sister brand, Event Television, we can create jaw-dropping virtual and hybrid events that look and feel like television.

We are the first European event producers to licence the Welcome platform – a truly ground-breaking, high-end virtual events platform hot out of Silicon Valley and already taking the US by storm.

Welcome’s technology lets us run your virtual or hybrid event just like an interactive TV show.  Unlike any other platform, you can prepare your speakers in the virtual Green Room before they are cued smoothly onto the ‘stage’. At a click of a button we can add company logos, branded backdrops, switch to stylish screen-sharing and overlay impressive TV-news style graphics alongside full screen presenter video being streamed in beautiful HD.

We are passionate believers that you can drive up audience engagement in a fully virtual world, with compelling, visually rich content, that enhances your brand and elevates your message.  And there’s nothing we like more than building tangible connections between brands and their audiences, in a completely digital space.

Whether your event is virtual or requires a hybrid studio solution, our experienced team of award-winning producers are here to deliver your live event from initial concept to post-show streaming and data analytics.


Once we've understood your target audience, we get under the skin of your brand personality, designing live engagements brimming full of emotionally relevant touch points that create positive and lasting connections between your customers and your brand.  We build on these connections through authentic interactions creating awesome content to be amplified across all your channels.

We’re passionate about immersive event design as we believe the greater the submersion the more the experience will be shared.  It really is as simple as that…


You only get one chance to launch a new product and we know how to help you get the attention you deserve.  Whether it’s the latest luxury car or the box-set everyone’s talking about, we love supporting comms directors and their agencies deliver media launches with a punch.

We’re lucky enough to have worked with some of the biggest brands, as well some of the country’s leading PR agencies, quickly becoming part of the team.


Whatever your vision Rouge will help transform this into spectacular reality. Our creativity quite literally knows no bounds and there’s nothing we like more than creating ‘the’ party that’s talked about for years to come.  We absolutely love the theatrical, whether it’s the acts on stage or the quirky immersive experiences for guests to enjoy.  A party designed by Rouge is the stuff of legend…