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29th January 2011
Beardyman announces debut album ‘I Done A Album’

Our old friend Beardyman has revealed details of his long-awaited debut artist album. 'I Done A Album' is due to be released 21st March 2011 on Rob Da Bank's label ‘Sunday Best’.
Beardyman wowed the crowds at a Nissan car launch we organised a while ago and we have remained fans ever since. Beatboxing has always had something of a strange stigma about it. Unlike the majority of musicians, a beatboxer can only impress if his or her skills are world class – otherwise they merely annoy. Beardyman remains the only performer to have taken the UK Beatbox Championship two years running, so his pedigree is undisputable.

‘I Done A Album’ promises an extremely varied ride, and uses Beardyman’s skills in a variety of different ways. The tracks blend his own vocally-created sounds with other vocals and samples and a few electronic accompaniments – but he’s so good at mimicking any kind of sound that it’s difficult to tell. It’s a real mixed bag. As Beardyman says himself:

“I am quite proud of it... it’s very dancey – and, by that, I mean, any kind of dance genre. There’s dubstep, electro, house. It’s all kind of bundled together. I wanted to make sure that it was interesting and as conceptually tight as the live show.”

Beardyman’s tour starts in Brighton on 17th February and travels around the UK until 12th March 2011.  Fans are invited to contribute suggestions and ideas for him to perform and improvise on. So, either catch the live show, buy the album or book him for your next event, but do not miss out.

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